My first post and my first TV love

Starting a TV blog makes sense for me. Those around me have called me a ‘pusher’ and it is not for the reasons you might think. I tend to “strongly encourage” friends and family to watch certain TV series. If given the chance I will go into vivid detail with a passion that is not always immediately understood. However quite often 6 months down the track there will be an admission that I was right and that maybe they should have listened to me earlier. For the person involved there is often a rush to watch back-to-back episodes to catch up!

Quite simply, I just love good TV and tend to get very excited by outstanding TV. Are all the shows I watch high quality and intellectual? Of course not. For every Games of Thrones, The Walking Dead and The Newsroom there is a Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and Lost Girl. My tastes and interests are wide ranging and I enjoy them all for different reasons, which will become obvious.

My intension in starting this blog is to spend time doing two things I really enjoy: writing and discussing what I am currently watching on TV. It’s all my opinion folks and while I may be critical at times I will aim to never be cruel (for the sake of it). I will leave each posting with a question and would love to read your feedback. Just as I will aim to do, I would appreciate that you keep your comments polite. If you hate what I am writing that is fine and I suggest you stop reading tvweakness and move onto something that will make you happier. However I am more than up to reading different points of views and partaking in a healthy debate.

Now let’s start with my first TV love. It may be 2013 but Buffy The Vampire Slayer remains my top ever TV series.

If you are still with me you either know exactly why this is the case or you are asking yourself (and me): Why? It comes down to the one man who is the creator of BTVS: Mr Joss Whedon. Whatever Joss creates or leaves his fingerprints on is full of wit, engaging storytelling and genuine character development. I have also been known to personally refer to him as ‘God’, which is my special nickname for him. Not ‘The God’ obviously but someone who has an rare talent for creating extraordinary universes which he then invites us to be a part of.

All of that and more makes BTVS the unique show it is. Angel and Dollhouse all had their moments  and while Firefly’s potential was sadly never reached BTVS remains the closest to my heart. It’s my ‘go-to’ when judging other TV shows. I don’t remember another TV series making me laugh, cry, be shocked, scared and at times speechless the way BTVS did. Most significantly it made me care and ache for the characters. Only a very exceptional TV show can do that.

Do you have a ‘go-to’ TV show you measure all other shows against?

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