Game of Thrones Season 4 – Leaving me breathless

[Please note there are spoilers ahead for those who have not watched season 4, episode 7]

We only have 3 episodes left of season 4 and what a ride it has been! The producers warned that it was going to be a massive season and they were not exaggerating: Joffrey was killed, the most dangerous man in the Seven Kingdoms is turning out to be Littlefinger, Arya is becoming a cold blooded killer, we finally see The Iron Bank as Tywin desperately tries to maintain power with dwindling funds, Sansa finally escapes only to be nearly killed by her crazy Aunt Lysa….before she herself is killed. Every episode has been packed to the brim. And I haven’t even mentioned Theon or should I say Reek? I never particularly liked Theon but to see what they have done to him is tortuous (see what I did there). And of course there is Daenerys settling down and becoming queen and Bran and John’s adventures beyond the wall. And how about the baby with the ice-blue eyes? The list goes on…

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But my hearts aches for one character in particular this season – Tyrion. I’m sure I am not alone in saying that I love Tyrion and Peter Dinklage is a genius for playing him the way he does. I am only half way through reading the second book so I have no idea what is going to happen to Tyrion. To say I find that unsettling is an understatement. (Note to self that I must start reading more quickly). His face when he saw Shay was heartbreaking. I want to know what they threatened Shay with or whether she is one seriously scorned woman. It was enough to break Tyrion and the monologue which followed was chilling. It was an absolutely outstanding piece of writing, acting and direction. It still takes my breath away. I had a theory that Jaime would stand as his champion but how wrong was I? I also never imagined that Bronn, after all they had been through together, could turn out to be so disloyal and opportunistic. Thank the gods for Prince Oberyn. His speech to Tyrion was mesmerising. My heart soared as he told Tyrion that ‘I will be Your Champion’.

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One thing that I have really enjoyed this season is watching all the different relationships at play. There have been many scenes where there are only two characters interacting. I have found these interactions some of the most compelling due to the incredible depth of history which has developed between the characters. Jaime sending Brienne away to find Sansa, and his gifts to her, shows real affection. In addition to the fact that he sent her away so that Cersei could not get her claws into her. With all we know about Podrick I am fascinated to see how their relationship will develop. When they trotted away I was concerned we might not see them again. I was very relieved when we did. And then of course we have our other travelling couple: The Hound and Arya. There seems to be reluctant respect between them, even though Arya added The Hound to her ‘goodnight list’. I wonder if he will start sleeping with one eye open?

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Roxette’s Things Will Never Be the Same pops into my head whenever I start thinking about Jaime and Cersei. I’m not sure if Cersei ever truly loved Jaime, but Jaime did and I think he still does. However recent events mean that even he is no longer unable to deny that she is manipulative, cold and crazy. I also think he is hurt by her being so unsympathetic about the loss of his hand. While we know it could have been a lot worse (once again, apologies to Theon) it is still devastating for him. Although there was a moment of completely inappropriate intimacy (sibling rape incest?) next to a deceased Joffrey it seems like she is closed for business. Not that she would allow anyone to have any designs on him. Cersei’s imagination and jealously is a lethal combination.

Speaking of family bonding wasn’t it a touching moment when Olenna Tyrell confesses to her granddaughter Margaery that they were responsible for Joffrey’s death? I had my strong suspicions. Olenna was well aware of what a monster Joffrey was and I felt that she would never leave Margaery vulnerable to him. Margaery seemed genuinely shocked by the confession. While always ambitious I think it is only now that she is truly understanding how the game for the Seven Kingdoms is played. She is a quick learner though. Her slow seduction of naïve Tommen seems to be going along quite smoothly and even Cersei seems to be accepting the inevitability of their union.

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So it is with bated breath that I wait to see what will happen this week. I am looking forward to seeing if Prince Oberyn stands a chance against The Mountain. I am nervous about what Littlefinger might do with Sansa now that he has her all to his own. As much as I enjoy Arya and The Hound’s adventures I am starting to wonder if they will ever make it to the Eyrie? And these concerns are only the tip of the iceberg. Bring on episode 8….

What are you looking forward to? (Please no spoilers from those who have read the books).

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