Why Smash is Living Glee’s Dream…

…although sadly, its time may be almost over. I had this post all neatly formed in my head when I read the heartbreaking news that Smash is unlikely to have a third season. The news has left me at a bit of a loss (in regard to this post) but it is not uncommon for excellent shows to be cancelled and therefore, I still believe that Smash’s reality is what Glee can only dream about.

Please let me explain.

Back in 2009 when I was hopeful and more innocent than I am today, I was excited. Very excited. There was this new show people were talking about which would have music numbers in it. Glee. Most of the cast were young, talented unknowns – at least in the world of TV – and it seemed fresh and full of potential. I have a very big soft spot for musicals and even my God Joss directed an episode and felt it was a ‘privilege’. And it did captivate me throughout its first season. I laughed and cried and it left me wanting more. Sadly however it has been a long three years since. Has the wonderful cast lost their talent? No, they have not. However the storylines and lack of respect given to character consistency and development let me down every time. I watch these days for the musical numbers and cringe my way through obvious attempts to send a moral message to the kids watching. Maybe that’s the thing though; I’m not a teenager any more and maybe there isn’t any real reason I should continue to watch. Food for thought. Smash on the other hand…

Smash is obviously different to Glee. It is not set in a school environment and it is definitely not aimed at the tween/teenager market. That, alas, may be one of the reasons it will only survive two seasons. This, in my opinion, is highly disappointing because Smash has so much going for it, starting with an impressive, strong, mature and highly talented cast. Its maturity is one of the main reasons why I enjoy it so much.  Every week I look forward to not only the musical numbers (which on the whole are seamlessly weaved into the episodes, which granted is made easier by the fact that they are trying to bring together a musical for Broadway) but also to all the drama that goes along with it. In addition though, the storylines are coherent and characters multi-layered, well-defined and moulded throughout the season by their experiences.

Although Glee may be on our screens for many more years to come it will be the absence of Smash which will leave those same screens shining a little less brightly. If you are a fan of musicals and interesting drama I suggest you take a look at Smash. While there may only be two seasons to enjoy they will be high quality, entertaining and well worth your time!

Have you been heartbroken by a favourite TV show being axed before its time?

Ooops! Did I suggest in my first post that “The Vampire Diaries” was not a high quality show? Keep your eyes peeled for my next post “The Vampire Diaries – why I was so wrong…”

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