Hello! Anyone out there?

It’s been a couple of years since my last post! What can I say except life sometimes takes you places you can’t imagine. While I have not been reviewing I am happy to report I am still watching and loving TV.

What are my favourites at the moment, I hear you ask? Wentworth is still up there. Especially with the impressive Pamela Rabe as ‘The Freak’ taking center-stage and terrifying all who cross her path.

Season 2 of Mr. Robot has started and I am a little disturbed that I am not as confused as I was throughout season 1. Does this mean the plot is less complex or that I have been sucked into the mind-frame of Mr. Robot?

Judging by my coming soon page you would be right to assume that Stranger Things has not passed me by either. My barista had to stress to me more than a couple of times that I should really check it out. Luckily (for me) I finally took the plunge and watched the 1st episode. Hooked!

After many years of resistance, I have also finally succumbed and binged my way through Orphan Black and Scandal.  

So dear readers, I hope you enjoy the reboot of TV Weakness. If my posts speak to you, please speak back. With your encouragement and my self-motivation, I am hoping that we can once again share our love of the crazy, thought-provoking and surprising world of TV.

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