Awkward Season Two – The Asian Mafia

Awkward Season Two kicks off with New Years Eve. Jenna has chosen between Jake and Matty but she is still feeling torn.  Has she made the right decision and was it made with her head or with her heart? Secrets are still being kept and that can never be a good thing as they always come out in the end.

A perfect example of this is the letter. At the start of Season Two Jenna is preoccupied by the author’s identity and it is not long before she confronts the person responsible. The fall-out from this is felt for the rest of the Season and a number of important relationships in Jenna’s life are transformed. Be prepared for some surprisingly touching family moments.

One of the highlights of Season Two is the introduction of the ‘Asian Mafia’. Poor Ming comes face to face with the all powerful and knowing Becca (played with psychopathic perfection by Jessika Van). Ming cannot initially believe her good luck.  However, everything changes when she meets and falls for the infamous Fred Wu (adoringly played by Kelly Sry). Fred is unfortunately Becca’s ex and Ming suddenly has a whole new set of challenges to deal with.

In a strange twist (and largely due to the influence and manipulation of the Asian Mafia), Val is promoted to Vice-Principal. Inappropriate? Absolutely! Although it is entertaining to see Val struggling to balance her VP responsibilities with not wanting to let go of being the kid’s guidance counsellor. Our sympathies go out to the new guidance counsellor!

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We are also reintroduced to fellow student Clark in more depth. Joseph Haro’s Clark is charming, cool and quietly self assured. He is the voice of reason and support for Jenna throughout the Season, whether she is fully aware of it or not.

Tamara also has her struggles this Season as her infatuation and obsession with Ricky Schwartz (played with just the right balance of cuteness and sleaze by Matthew Fahey) becomes more and more distressing. Especially when Ricky falls for and hooks up with Saddie, her arch nemesis. Actually, Saddie is everyone’s arch nemesis!

image credit - MTV
image credit – MTV

Do things seem complicated enough yet? Add in Jenna’s past relationship with Matty being exposed, a private blog going public, a separation, sabotage, a wedding, unrequited love, the return of a past love, an unexpected hook up and you have just some of the rich ingredients which makes Awkward Season Two such an entertaining ride.

And just when everything looks like it has turned out for the best in the end, you get the impression that perhaps, awkwardly, it hasn’t….

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